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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Man With the Hat Is Back! Täna, 22. mai saab 19 aasta pikkune ootus läbi: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) jõuab üle maailma kinodesse. Jõudsin tagasi hetke seisuga eilselt 19:00 esilinastuselt, mis oli peaaegu välja müüdud. Ma viimane päev enam kohtade arvu ei vaadanud, aga nii täis 1. saali pole ma varem näinud. Teise esilinastuse vaatajad peaksid samuti olema praeguseks kellaajaks uuest seiklusest osa saanud.

See 19 aastane vahe kajastub kenasti ka filmis. Last Crusade tegevus toimus 1938. aastal II maailmasõja ajal. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tegevus on aastal 1957, kui on käimas Külm sõda. Vaenlasteks on sedapuhku venelased, keda juhib vene aksendiga Cate Blanchett. Ta on saanud käsu leida kristallpealuu samal põhjusel nagu natsid eelmistes osades kadunud laegast või Püha Graali taga ajasid, et ikka rohkem võimu saada.

Nagu ma ette teadsin, et Crystal Skull algabki Raiders of the Lost Ark lõpus nähtavast suurest laohoonest. Tuleb välja, et see ladu on Area 51 territooriumil. Indy peab seal venelaste jaoks oma kunagise leiu üles otsima. Sealt algabki uus seiklus. Indy elab üle (!) tuumaplahvatuse, saab tuttavaks oma pojaga (Shia LaBeouf) ja lõpuks...ei spoilerda - samamoodi nagu Spielberg õrritas Empire ajakirjas.

Harrison Ford on juba vana, aga Indy jõud pole raugenud. Shia LaBeouf ehk uus Jr. on lahe lisa. Kammis alatasa oma juukseid ja sõitis motikaga ringi, mida LaBeouf õppis spetsiaalselt filmi tarbeks. Üks motika tagaajamine oli nagu Last Crusade Sean Connery'ga. Siin lõbutses ainult uus Jr. ja vana Indy tegi kurja nägu nagu 19 aastat tagasi tema isa. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) liitus filmi teises pooles ja jäi kahjuks üpris teisejärguliseks.

Spielberg tegigi filmi vanakooli moodi. Pikad action stseenid, mis olid võimalikult vähese CGI'ga. Selge erinevus kõikidest muudest tänapäeva seiklusfilmidest. On tunda sellist kodust reaalsust, mida nägi just eelmistes filmides välja arvatud lõpp, mis läks veidi ulmeks (heas mõttes). Loogilisem igatahes, kui lõpp Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine mängus. Hästi palju sipelgaid oli ühes kohas, mis oli ka midagi uut.

Ma pole hetkel praktiliselt ühtegi review'd lugenud, et huvitav, kuidas inimestele see meeldima hakkab. Ma isegi praegu otsustan veel hinnete vahel. IMDB's on hetkel 8,8 ja Rotten Tomatoes 77%. Ühtegi teist filmi sel nädalal ei tulegi, sest kes ikka Indy'ga võistelda julgeks. USA's tuleb küll Uwe Boll'i Postal, edu talle! Üks asi veel, et esilinastusel oli iga istme joogihoidjasse pistetud 0,5l Coca-Cola pudel. Arvasin terve filmi, et see on kõrvalistuja oma. Märkasin seda alles lõpus, kui jäin kauemaks saali, et mu paremal olnud pudel oli täiesti avamata ja terves saalis oli neid päris palju. Indy, sinu terviseks! Mis see teeb siis 514 istet korda veel 2 teise esilinastuse jaoks või nemad ei saanud? :P

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on hea kuigi see kordab paljuski eelmisi filme. Ei anna just palju uut, aga Indy fännina jäin ikkagi rahule. Tuleb anda veel veidi aega seedimiseks. Esimest korda oma kangelast suurelt ekraanilt näha oli igatahes fun. Ütleme nii, et kindlasti parim neljas osa, mida ma kunagi näinud olen. Sama melu suudab võib-olla tekitada ainult Terminator 4.
Hetkel 8/10

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  1. The Further Adventures of the Fedora and Whip By MANOHLA DARGIS
    Published: May 22, 2008

    CANNES, France — “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is a movie for boomers of all ages, though you can bet the bank that plenty of tots will be tagging along with Mom and Dad, Granny and Gramps. Like the 1981 blockbuster “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” the first in a monster franchise that has spawned two previous movie sequels, a television series, comics, novels, video games and Disney theme-park attractions, this new one was directed by Steven Spielberg, cooked up and executive produced by George Lucas (with Kathleen Kennedy) and stars Harrison Ford as the archaeologist-adventurer-sexpot with the sardonic grin, rakish fedora and suggestive bullwhip. This latest Indy escapade, which was shown out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival and will probably scoop up more money than the rest of the selections combined, serves as a reunion for the principal creative team. Almost two decades have lapsed since the third installment in the series, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989). In the years since, Mr. Lucas — whose logo for Lucasfilm received the loudest applause at the press screening in Cannes — continued to build his special-effects empire and resurrected the “Star Wars” franchise while Mr. Spielberg has oscillated between serious-minded projects and financially instrumental entertainments.

    For his part, Mr. Ford rode the ups and downs of high-concept stardom, oscillating between roles that called for him to flash his customary wry grin or his equally familiar grumpy frown. He wears both in “The Crystal Skull,” though the busy story makes enormous effort to keep the mood happy and snappy and decidedly PG-13 friendly — P.C. friendly, too, as in politically correct, with fewer dark-skinned people popping their eyeballs. Not that Indy has gone soft or the natives have gone hard, mind you, only that Mr. Spielberg no longer seems as eager to cut down extras for a laugh.

    Thank goodness for the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Vladimir V. Putin, which have expedited the return of blond-haired, blue-eyed villainy to the screen. Set in 1957, this new Indy yarn, written by David Koepp from a story by Mr. Lucas and Jeff Nathanson, takes place far from the Middle East even if it opens in a desert. The bad guys this time are cold war Reds first seen poking around an American military base and led by Irina Spalko. A caricature given crude, playful life by Cate Blanchett, Irina owes more than a little to Rosa Klebb, the pint-size Soviet operative played by Lotte Lenya, who took on James Bond in “From Russia With Love.”

    Dressed in gray coveralls, her hair bobbed and Slavic accent slipping and sliding as far south as Australia, Ms. Blanchett takes to her role with brio, snapping her black gloves and all but clicking her black boots like one of those cartoon Nazis that traipse through earlier Indy films. She’s pretty much a hoot, the life of an otherwise drearily familiar party. Among the other invited guests are Ray Winstone, John Hurt and Shia LaBeouf, who plays Mutt, the young sidekick onboard to bring in those viewers whose parents were still in grade school when the first movie hit. Karen Allen, who played Indy’s love interest in “Raiders,” is here too, with a megawatt smile and a bit of the old spunk.

    If only the filmmakers seemed as eager to see — and to please — the audience as Ms. Allen. There’s plenty of frantic energy here, lots of noise and money too, but what’s absent is any sense of rediscovery, the kind that’s necessary whenever a filmmaker dusts off an old formula or a genre standard. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” creaks with age now, but to look at it again is to see Mr. Spielberg actively engaging in an organic whole, taking a beloved template and repurposing it for the modern blockbuster age he helped create. By contrast, “The Crystal Skull” comes alive only in isolated segments, in a clever motorcycle chase that ends in a library and, best of all, in an eerie sequence at an atomic test site that wittily puts the nuclear in family.

    The original Indiana Jones venture was inspired by Mr. Lucas and Mr. Spielberg’s love for 1930s serials, but you’d be hard pressed to find much inspiration in their latest collaboration. There’s plenty of perspiration, of course, what with the wall-to-wall chases — many tricked out with obvious computer-generated effects — that careen one into another like colliding big rigs. As expected, the high leaps and long jumps look impressive, even if it’s something of a bummer when one of the best directors working today (Mr. Spielberg) doesn’t seem to be working as hard as the stunt crew. Initially, I thought he was bored with the material (he wouldn’t be alone), but now I think he’s just grown out of this kind of sticky kids’ stuff.

    Creative ennui certainly might explain why he spends so much time riffing both on his own greatest hits — Indy and company have an encounter of a close, insipid kind — and on other movies. Some of these allusions amuse (a sea of red ants parting à la “The Ten Commandments”) while others are just painful (Mr. LaBeouf done up to resemble Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”). It’s odd to see Mr. Spielberg recycling plot points already chewed through by Roland Emmerich in “Stargate,” though Indy’s brief encounter with some ferociously feathered Indians who look right out of Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” was a tantalizingly sweet pip, a sequel in waiting (“Indiana Jones Meets Mad Max”) or maybe just a YouTube mash-up.

    “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Death, but little blood.


    Opens on Thursday nationwide.

    Directed by Steven Spielberg; written by David Koepp, based on a story by George Lucas and Jeff Nathanson; director of photography, Janusz Kaminski; edited by Michael Kahn; music by John Williams; production designer, Guy Hendrix Dyas; visual effects and animation by Industrial Light & Magic; executive produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Mr. Lucas; produced by Frank Marshall; released by Paramount Pictures. Running time: 2 hours 3 minutes.

    WITH: Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), Cate Blanchett (Irina Spalko), Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood), Ray Winstone (“Mac” George Michale), John Hurt (Professor Oxley), Jim Broadbent (Dean Charles Stanforth) and Shia LaBeouf (Mutt Williams).

  2. Anonüümne järgmine kord lingist piisab.

    Tõin teises blogis ära 3 video reviewd:

  3. i keep thinking Cate Blanchett is going to speak English with a German accent in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because Jones tends to go after Nazis, but, of course, the bad guys are Russian this time

  4. Lõpuks on see ka mul vaadatud ning pean ütlema, et meeldis väga :P Paar kohta vast olid natuke over the top (pulmad ja siis kui ta tooli külge oli seotud) kuid Ford tõestas et ainult tema on õige mees selle rolli jaoks.

    Mis ulmesse puutub, siis eelnevas kolmes filmis on ka ulme elemente (pandora laegas, holy grail) ning eriti ulmeline lennukist kummipaadiga välja hüppamine... oleneb vaatajast kes mida, mis ulatuses ulmeks peab ;)

    Väga tore oli näha just vanemaid osatäitjaid - Ravenwood, Winston, Broadbent ning väga sobiv viide Denholm Elliott´i kehastatud Marcusele. Minu meelest vaatas Indi pahase näoga just siis kui kommud Marcuse kuju katki sõitsid ja mitte sellepärast, et Mutt motikaga ringi ajas.

    LaBeouf sai rolliga hästi hakkama ja oli usutav. John Hurt´i roll oli aga eripärane ja natuke imestasin, et ta oli nõus sellist karakterit mängima... aga miks ka mitte :)

    Igatahes kõik kes selle filmi kallal vinguvad ei saa selle filmi eesmärgist aru.. Minu poolt 10 punkti ja hakkan järgmist ootama :P

  5. LaBeouf muide pidavat jäljendama Marlon Brandot filmist The Wild One.

  6. LaBeouf on väga lahe.

    Kuidas sa suhtud sellesse tulnuka teema sissetoomisse?
    Mille poolest sinu arust 4. osa jääb 1. ja 3. alla?

  7. Tulnuka teema oli nii ja naa (Spielberg'i pärusmaa üldiselt). Minu jaoks jäi 1. ja 3. alla story poolest. Oli seiklusrikas, aga Püha Graali ja Kadunud laekani on pikk maa! Uues oli ka vinti LIIGA palju üle keeratud - läks balansist välja. Hetkel ongi Kristallpealuu võrdne Temple of Doom'ga, mis polnud ka kuigi huvitav.
    Üks väga hea review on sellel teemal, millest räägin tulevikus...

  8. Lisasin teise blogisse veel 2 review'd.