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Queen + Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks

Olen u. nädal otsa tegelenud uue Queen'i foorumiga, mis on röövinud suurema osa ajast. Aga mitte sellest ei tahtnud rääkida. Eile ilmus lõpuks kauaoodatud albumi plaadikujundus. Albumi pilt on auhinnatud fotograafi Edgar Martins töö. Kuna pole fotograafia teemal üldse kodus, siis ei tea rohkem kommenteerida. See alumine valge osa pole kuigi hea ja muusikud võiksid natukene suuremad olla. Kas hakkan albumi kaasi ka hindama? 8/10 siis.

Album ilmub 15. september. Riia kontsert on 19. september...
Täpsemat lugemist:


Having between them sold more than 300 million albums, it is only to be expected that the first studio collaboration between rock giants Queen and revered rock legend Paul Rodgers in the form of the upcoming album The Cosmos Rocks is one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated.

For the music we will have to wait a little longer: the album does not reach stores until September 15 (October 14 in the USA), but for anyone wondering how Queen and Paul Rodgers circa 2008 visualise themselves the band this week revealed the cover art for the forthcoming CD album.

The thematic image is the work of award winning photographer Edgar Martins who has been hailed ‘one of the most influential artists of his generation working within the medium of Photography’. Widely represented internationally in various high profile museums, public, corporate and private collections, Martin’s awarded books and series include ‘Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies’ and ‘The Diminishing Present’, work, according to critical observers, ‘positioned in the grey area of fact and fiction, reality and allegory’.

So beyond Martin’s striking cover image, what lies in store with The Cosmos Rocks?

Tantalisingly, the Queen + Paul Rodgers’ point of view is: “People really, truly playing together in the studio – you don’t get that much these days. But, you will get it on the new Queen and Paul Rodgers album.”

The Cosmos Rocks, featuring 13 all-new tracks written and recorded by Queen + Paul Rodgers, is released by EMI/Parlophone throughout the world excepting North America where it is a Hollywood Records release.

A teaser is above…to see the full Cosmos Rocks artwork check out the Album Club now…plus read more exclusive quotes, this time from Photographer Edgar Martins.


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  1. Loodetavasti muusika saab parem hinde kui kaas. Ise küll olen väga optimistlikult meelestatud.

  2. http://queenforum.parlophone.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=46490

    I'm from Estonia not Netherlands. :D